Brookwood Farmers’ Market New Location

February 15, 2012

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Managers of the Brookwood Farmers’ Market are delighted to announce the market with have new and improved home for the summer of 2012 season.  The market will move just around the corner to the brand new park, Caney Creek Preserve.  The park is located on Caney Road, just off of Brookwood Road near Highway 141.  There will be two parking lots, shade pavilions, a walking trail, a dog park, restroom facilities, a playground (in the shade) and lots of space to run and play.

Vendors will be setting up just next to the second parking lot near the natural amphitheater.  Patrons will have easy access to shade pavilions, restrooms, the playground and dog park. The park is scheduled to open in early June and the Brookwood Farmers’ Market will plan its grand opening in conjuction with the ribbon cutting.

The Brookwood Farmers’ Market will continue to bring you the best in local and organic produce, goods and products in an even better more exciting setting.  Members of the Brookwood Elementary PTA together with community volunteers will continue to oversee the market. Volunteers are always needed so if you’re interested please visit us the Brookwood Farmers’ Market on Facebook and drop us a message.

There will be an announcement once a grand opening date has been set.  The Brookwood Farmers’ Market will continue to be open every Friday from 4-7 throughout the summer months!

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